Self-growth does not happen by itself.

Embrace the process with Awareness and Gratitude, for this is where self-growth takes place.

Instead of whining and moaning, being resentful, look ahead and know that where you want to be is where you WILL be and you will Change Your Perspective of the Process!

Here is a sample exercise to help and inspire you to take a step toward Becoming More...

This exercise is about AWARENESS... Awareness of youself... of others... of your environment... of the people you choose to surround yourself with... and for how your Choices and Actions will impact yourself and the important people in your life.

Developing and Having Awareness Exercise

Note:   Plan uninterrupted time to really focus do this exercise… with pen and paper.

            The more honest you are with yourself, the more you will learn, grow and empower yourself.

1. Think of a recent time when you:

i. Started to feel frustrated, worried, anxious or stressed and felt an energetically, emotionally draining feeling as a result.

ii. Started to feel/get angry and felt an adrenaline surge to the point where you reacted in/with anger.

2. Describe the scenario and your feelings in detail.

            i. Who was involved?

            ii. Why do you think this happened?          

            iii. Now that you are reflecting back on this situation, do you feel like you were in control or out of          control of your thoughts and feelings?

3. Reflect on whether or not your feelings/reaction/outburst were in your best interests and/or of the person/people you were interacting with. (If just you and your feelings, reflect on this only).

            i. Did you get what you wanted?

            ii. Did the other person/people get what they wanted?

            iii. Did the experience empower or disempower you/others/the relationship?

4. Reflect on the thoughts going through your head immediately prior to your energetic/emotional shift… what was it that caused it?         

            i. Did you take something personally?

            ii. What can you learn about yourself in reflecting on this Awareness Trigger point?

5. Think about how you could have acted (NOT reacted…) in a way that would have been more empowering to yourself/everyone involved.

            i. How could you have stayed more balanced?

            ii. Reflect on how Awareness and Gratitude can/will impact you in future situations…

            iii. Think about WHY you want to develop Awareness and embrace Gratitude for yourself, your family, your business and your clients.


So, what do you do with this information now? Excellent question.

Guidance and insight is invaluable for your personal journey.

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