"COURAGE To Find The FIRE Within" - Radio Interview on the Ed Tyll Show

                  ...The Biggest Obstacle On The Planet

                  ...The Biggest Obstacle On The Planet

Ed Tyll asks me how people can move past their fears and live with passion... 15 minutes...

The Ed Tyll Show, described as "Irreverent, Sarcastic, Edgy, Avant-Garde, Acerbic, & Offbeat is "America's Best Talk Radio" broadcasting news, interviews, commentaries, and taking audience calls. If you haven't, be sure to check it out at www.edtyllshow.com/

Thank you Ed! Loved our on air time together!

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"Read My Lips" BlogTalkRadio: Taking Back Personal Responsibility Radio Interview (Nov. 28, 2016)

A huge thank you to Bonnie Graham, a.k.a., RadioRed for her insightful interview on her weekly "Read My Lips" BlotTalk Radio program where she asked me about Taking Personal Responsibility. It was wonderful sharing the airwaves with Claudia Newcorn, the author of "Zipline To Success", who spoke about Avoiding Holiday Scams. (www.ziplinetosuccess.com)

Here's to Bonnie and Claudia!

Check it out, listen, learn, and share your thoughts!

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"Is Personal Responsibility Dead?" Interview on "The Ed Tyll Radio Show" on Wed., Nov. 23, 2016

Join the conversation with Ed Tyll on Starcom Radio tomorrow, Wednesday, November 23, 2016 at 2:30 pm central time... The topic: "Is Personal Responsibility Dead?" Simply go to http://www.edtyllshow.com/

One could argue that between the recent election, the Wells Fargo scandal, the exorbitant number of police officers being shot, higher levels of hate crimes, and even the way that so many people point fingers blaming someone else for their personal problems, family issues, and even for the larger challenges of the world... that, yes, Personal Responsibility is dead today... or as my dear friend Art recently said, at least comatose.

Ed and I will be having a lively, focused, intriguing conversation to help awaken people to just what it means to take "Personal Responsibility".

Listen in and then return here to share your comments, thoughts, ask questions, and contribute in a meaningful way. And, realize that it is okay if we disagree. The goal is to plant seeds of awareness to start moving our country forward in a more positive way.

With Heartfelt Gratitude and Commitment,


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What Does It Take To Be 100% Committed To Your Dreams?

I love asking people how committed they really are to achieving and living their dreams on a scale of 0 to 10.

I used to think I was a 7 to 8 myself when it came to my commitment to my dreams.

Then the epiphany hit me hard, right between the eyes... in the teeth...  in the gut... right where it counts!

There are really only two correct responses to the question, "On a scale of 0 to 10, how committed are you?"

You are either a "0" or you are a "10".

Yep, you're either a big fat zero, or you are 100% committed to do whatever it takes, to BEING the person you need to BE, to take action in spite of your fears, to have absolute Clarity of Your Destination and to be so incredibly filled with Inspiration, that you will consistently and persistently do something every day no matter what, undeterred by any obstacles or challenges that may arise (particularly when it comes to your fears).

I now understand why I had not been making progress toward my goals. I was only half-assed committed.

It wasn't until the pain got so severe, when I realized that deep within my heart and soul I'd had enough and it was time to make the ultimate choice and to be 100% committed, that things started to shift and I could feel my life starting to transform.

It's onward and upward baby... to do whatever it takes. This means I have to BE whomever I Need to BE in the moment, day by day... to live principle by principle each and every day... to espouse The 7 Principles of COURAGE so you, so others, will see the impact these step-by-step principles have on you and your life when you 100% Commit to COURAGE, so you will have the COURAGE To Commit to be your true, most Authentic Self.

How badly do you want it? Can you smell it, taste it, feel it, hear it, touch it, sense it??

Do you know what you want and what inspires you to jump out of bed in the morning and delve right into the Priority Actions that will get you ever closer to your dreams?

The 7 Principles of COURAGE... Commit to COURAGE so you have the COURAGE to Commit... 100%.

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Fear is the Enemy Within

"If there is no enemy within you, the enemy outside can do you no harm."
- Muhammed Ali sharing an African Proverb

Ignite Your Flame

Ignite the Flame... Commit To COURAGE!

Your Comrade In COURAGE,


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Acumen for COURAGE

Everyone has the capacity and acumen to choose to have COURAGE in their life.

What's your choice... COURAGE or fear?

The challenge is turning this into true COURAGEOUS Action to get the desired results.

There are many theories and approaches. I believe the following are the starting points:

1. Get crystal clear on what you really want. This means having CLARITY OF DESTINATION. When what you want is bigger than you, you will be more committed to following through. (Bigger than you means making a difference in the lives of others, in the world).

2. Figuring out what really inspires you, what it is that will get you up energized and excited each morning. Knowing your ORIGIN OF INSPIRATION will not only ignite your internal FIRE, but it will set you apart from the masses. (According to my online www.amistuck.com quiz, the biggest challenge faced for most people is feeling energized and excited to get going when the alarm clock goes off...).

3. Work on yourself DAILY... Recognizing your UNREALIZED POTENTIAL is a huge first step. Developing true unwavering BELIEF IN YOURSELF is essential.

4. Taking RESPONSIBILITY and actually Being RESPONSIBLE instead of blaming yourself or someone else when things don't go your way is a life-changing value and attribute. The only person actually RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS/INACTIONS is... YOU!  It's vital to Develop and Implement a well thought out dynamic, COURAGEOUS ACTION PLAN (I call this your CAP) and to follow through consistently (as in no matter what).

5. Develop AWARENESS and work on truly BEING AWARE! What does this really mean? For starters it means becoming aware of yourself, your environment (is it empowering?), others you surround yourself with, your target audience, and whether or not your choices are getting you closer to or farther away from your desired DESTINATION.

6. For me, the most impacting principle is Being Filled with GRATITUDE. GRATITUDE allows you to:  i. Find the opportunity to learn and grow from each and every challenge; ii. Learn to shift your perspective from a place of being reactive to being proactive (This is truly life impacting and changing not only for you, but for those you interact with); and iii. Immediately get out of the Vicious Cycle of Subconscious Fear, a cycle that rules the decision making and choices of most people (Because fear and GRATITUDE cannot coexist simultaneously).

7. Living with EXCELLENCE!  This translates to being your best self. Everyone has their moments, so when you're not quite there, give yourself a break and Be Grateful for the Opportunity to Learn and Grow instead of getting caught up in anger, frustration, self-doubt, hesitation, procrastination, worry, stress or anything else that serves as an obstacle to living the life you really want.

Anyone can choose to live with COURAGE. The key is having the desire and commitment to do what it takes.

Note that it is impossible to help or support anyone who does not want to help themselves to grow and transform into the amazing, incredible person they have the potential to become.

So... What's it going to be for you? It is after all... Your Choice... COURAGE, or fear...

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Figuring Out Your Origin of Inspiration

What's the difference between Inspiration and Motivation?

Have you ever thought about this before? I have, and before today I did not truly understand the distinction.

During an amazingly insightful session with my coach Rene this morning, she helped me see the light so to speak.

Inspiration comes from within you. Motivation comes from something outside of you.

When you have a reason that is truly meaningful, it becomes much bigger than you.

Inspirational fuel can come from being fed up from the pain of something you no longer want to endure or continue to suffer through.

It can come from a cause that will make a difference in the world. It can be ignited when you realize there is something your heart desires so much that you'll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

When you feel true Inspiration you will not let your fears continue to be an obstacle, rather you will take action to move right past them.

An insightful bit of irony here is the reason fears become an obstacle is that you are focused on them. This is why they become so overwhelming most of the time. It seems we are conditioned to focus on our fears.

Often, there is a lack of absolute Clarity for what it is you really want. This is vital. Why? Because when you know precisely what you want to achieve, you can focus on it from a place of Gratitude instead of from a place of fear and self-doubt.

Gratitude and fear cannot coexist. When you are Grateful for being clear on what you want, it makes all the difference in the world.

Here's an example so you can be clear on what I'm really trying to share

Outside of the realm of my teaching, sharing and inspiring The 7 Principles of COURAGE, I am the executive director of Hope Happens for Neurological Disorders, a 501(c)(3) public charity. One of my biggest priorities is to build relationships. Probably the most common way to do this is by making phone calls. When you can't stand making cold calls, this becomes a major issue, in fact it becomes an obstacles.

When I am resisting making phone calls, I am only focusing on my fears. When I shift my perspective, I realize that when I do not make phone calls I am not giving the person at the other end of the phone the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of individuals with neurological disorders.

Now I can shift my focus to connecting with people to give them a life-impacting opportunity to make a difference by contributing to one of the leading collaborative research laboratory facilities in the world (which happened to be the concept of my brother Chris before he died from ALS… which happens to be very inspiring to me…).

By shifting my focus off of my fears and onto supporting the mission started by my brother and understanding that by taking action once thought to be outside of my comfort zone, I am able to make connections with people that actually give them an opportunity to make a difference, I am able to feel the shift of energetic focus inside of me… and it feels amazing!

Now I'm feeling inspired, inspired to the point where I AM taking action.

This action leads to results, which leads to my feeling more motivated by the very external results themselves. Why? Because the results tell me I am indeed making a difference by taking action.

It's the same for you. When your initial inspiration is bigger than your fears, you will take action. When you take consistent action, you will get results which in turn get you closer to achieving your mission, which externally motivates you.

Commit to gaining Clarity. Have Gratitude for your Clarity. Figure out the Inspiration that is bigger than your fears. Focus on having Clarity for what you want and on having Gratitude and you will feel like taking Inspired Action. This will lead to real world results, which in turn will further Motivate you to more consistently take Inspired Action.

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Is The Tide Of Your Life Still Rising... Or Shifting?

...There are always obstacles and challenges. I can continue to allow these to create a seemingly overbearing, unconquerable barrier... or I can shift my perspective to see the opportunity to learn and grow that is always there in every single moment of every challenge...

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100 Day Challenge Post # 8: Reflecting On My Origin of Inspiration

                              My daughter Alie, a true  Origin of Inspiration , feeling Inspired in the woods...


My daughter Alie, a true Origin of Inspiration, feeling Inspired in the woods...

What a process my journey of transformation continues to be! Enlightening, challenging, eye-opening, heart-opening, lessons around every corner, at times frustrating beyond comprehension... until the moment of awareness when I find myself reflecting back, always able to find the opportunity to learn and grow.

Having this awareness equates to the ability to discover the opportunity to transform a seeming obstacle into a blossoming moment of truth as I recognize that the very feeling of frustration itself exists only from within me, having stemmed from ancient seeds of fear that have led to the very fear of self-doubt and disbelief itself.

Every one of these fears exist only in the depths of my own mind. They are not a reality out in the world. No one else can see or feel them. They are not shared for me by anyone else.

Having developed this more highly honed level of awareness is an exquisite gift that has sprung forth thanks to the very feeling of frustration itself. It is a beautiful seed of possibility, sprouting from the consistent watering of the persistent effort to develop an incredibly empowering, unstoppable mindset of belief, faith and burning desire... the foundational elements that will lead to the unbelievable potential lying within me becoming my reality.  The fuse has been lit, igniting my Origin of Inspiration, the very thing that will drive and guide me to the success I have dreamed about, that I crave, that I yearn for.

And what has been holding me back for all this time, that up until now has kept me in a seemingly endless pit of struggle? The answer is that in the past feeling of ever-growing self-doubt and futility. (Yes, I am very aware of my thoughts and words here as I am releasing these fear factors, leaving them behind and allowing me to move forward with openness, power and COURAGE).

It has simply been an obstacle stemming from my own thoughts of worthlessness and self-doubt that I have unconsciously allowed to be reinforced over and over again. (And there have definitely been naysayers as well that I have allowed to push me further into this black hole...).


From this point forward I choose to be self-empowered, to believe in myself, to have faith in God, faith in myself, and faith in knowing that I deserve every facet of success. My newly formed Mindset is based in the absolute BELIEF that I have the ability to impact and inspire others by living my own PRINCIPLES OF COURAGE, by sharing my personal stories, my lessons, insights, struggles, challenges, triumphs and epiphanies that will inspire others to believe they can forge the trail to their own ultimate destination, to make their definition of success their reality.

To BE High Energy is my own choice. To Build Relationships through stepping into my Power, by reaching out and connecting, each of these is my own choice.

To prepare myself, step up and speak out with profound passion, uplifting energy, heartfelt connection, with an open heart, with power, with COURAGE, having Clarity, knowing my Origin of Inspiration, with a Mindset of absolute Belief, with integrity and Responsibility, with Awareness, with true Gratitude and with Excellence... is MY OWN CHOICE.

And this is exactly what I choose... because of and for my Love for Alie, for my Mom, for Susan, for the people I interact with, for my inner circle, for you... and for me.

This is a personally life-changing moment of reflection regarding my personal Origin of Inspiration... and I expect it can be for you as well... after all, the choice was mine, and likewise the choice is... yours.


Receive Fiery Insights, based on The 7 Principles of COURAGE, to gain Clarity, find Inspiration and recognize Your Unrealized Potential  so YOU can Get Unstuck.

100 Day Challenge, Post # 7: Clarity of Destination Requires Follow-Through

Progress Takes ACTION

Clarity of Destination Requires Follow Through

This past week I've realized that more than anything I absolutely have to figure out what is going to drive me to follow through on what I say I'm going to do.

Just last week, I told you I was going to follow through on my weekly article posts and videos, yet today as I reflect back, I followed through on only one out of three articles.

This is NOT what it is going to take to prove that The 7 Principles of COURAGE work, for me or for anyone else.

As there is always opportunity in every situation, in every challenge, there is a ginormous lesson for me in this.

The lesson is that Clarity of Destination Requires Follow Through.

In other words, to actually make progress and make my ultimate destination a realistic possibility, I must resolutely commit to follow through on what I say I'm going to do by taking consistent, persistent ACTION... every day and even when I don't feel like it.

Sure, I can come up with every excuse in the book… I've been swamped with my regular job, I've been feeling under the weather with a bad sore throat the past few days, I've felt exhausted, I needed to spend time with my Mom.

Excuses will NOT get me closer to my desired destination. Rather excuses will only keep me farther away, keep me deeply embedded in that proverbial rut that I have come to despise.

So, I don't want to be in the rut. What DO I WANT?

This is the key. Whenever we know precisely what we do not want, the immediate next step is to figure out exactly what we DO WANT.

So here you go… I DO WANT to be a passionately committed, laser focused Action Taker who gets closer to my ultimate destination every single day, step-by-step, small action by small action.

Why? Because this is what it will take to impact people's lives, both in the realm of neurological disorders as Executive Director of Hope Happens and as an author, speaker and Igniting Excellence Coach to inspire people to figure out what they want and to get unstuck.

Okay, now we're getting somewhere…

Now I must ask myself, "What will it take to BE THE PERSON that it takes to accomplish this, to make my dream a realistic destination?"

What it takes is BEING this person… doing what I've committed to even when I am tired, feeling a bit under the weather, have no energy, simply don't feel like it.

This means BEING Aware, Committed, Passionate, Open from my heart, Creative, Powerful, Courageous, Connecting with others, Loving.

This will be a huge change for me, a huge shift in my perspective.

It will mean choosing pain in the present moment for pleasure later. The pain is doing a scheduled action when I don't feel like it. The pleasure is knowing I am getting ever closer to where I really want to be.

So, what will drive me to BE THIS PERSON, to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES?

BELIEF IN MYSELF. Faith in God (or for you, faith in your own version of God…), faith in my dream, faith in myself.

My thoughts determine the person I am, the actions I take, the impact I have on people and on the world.

Ah, MINDSET! Mindset takes daily work. Repetition of empowering thoughts will take hold in your subconscious. Three of my daily affirmations are, "I Love myself just the way I am" (200 to 300 times daily), "I believe in myself and am able to do anything I choose" and "I am open-hearted, powerful and courageous".

I just finished reading Life Champion by Viliami Tuivai and am rereading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Fantastic, transformational input to say the least.

Self-Belief, passionate commitment and follow through are what drive the actions necessary of having Clarity of Destination so I, so you, will arrive at this destination.

It's time to step up and into my potential, to make my possibility my reality... its time to follow-through... no matter what.

Receive Fiery Insights, based on The 7 Principles of COURAGE, to gain Clarity, find Inspiration and recognize Your Unrealized Potential  so YOU can Get Unstuck.