100 Day Challenge: Post # 5, "Prioritizing Actions"

Wow, what a nonstop week it's been... yet again!

For my job as Executive Director of Hope Happens, I've been working on our first Donor Proposal Packet. I finished it late last night and shared it this morning. What a great feeling to have gotten this done!

Now it's time to focus on gaining clarity for my passion, for my burning desire and to wrap up some additional details of my Courageous Action Plan.  There's some irony here as I'm reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and the chapter I just finished last night is all about the driving force of "Desire" and how it changes everything.

To me, this burning desire comes from passion.

I've been honing in on consistently being aware of my mindset, my thoughts, to paying attention for how I'm setting my intentions, for how I'm being.

In the past I've fallen into the self-defeating trap of feeling overwhelmed. As I describe it, "Up until recently, I felt like I was hanging on to the cliff of overwhelm by my fingertips."

I purposely say "Up until now..." to release that demeaning and draining energy. This literally means I've turned the corner (and this has everything to do with my mindset).

I've realized the past few days with so much going on, that prioritizing my actions is essential. And though I have an overall plan laid out for the entire 100 Day Challenge, there are a few things I have not included at this point such as completing my Getting Unstuck Video Course and having my website redone (I think this site is okay, but would like to have one that is more dynamic, more connecting to the people finding it, and easier for people to peruse and find what they're looking for). There are a few other components as well that I need to accomplish to make sure I have the most empowering 100 Day Challenge possible.

I'm heading to San Diego soon to present the trait of Curiosity to 7th, 8th and 9th graders at Clark Middle School and have been working on my presentation.

There is definitely never a dull moment these days!

Yes, this seems like a lot on my plate. The good news is that I am feeling more focused, driven, determined and excited to make daily progress than ever before.

I could go into some additional details like the fact I had to take my computer into the Apple Genius Bar today and then to the Mac HQ store to order a new battery for my computer as it's not holding a charge, which took almost 3 hours tonight after leaving the office... and I'm going to be traveling a bit coming up and absolutely need to be able to use my portable brain (yes, my computer).

One of the exercises I'll be delving into over the next few days comes from my personal success coach. I'll be delving into where and how I'm spending and using my time. I have a feeling this will be very revealing and open my eyes (and my heart) as far as my passions go and how effectively and efficiently I've been using my time and whether or not this is moving me closer to or farther away from my goals.

It's all about prioritizing my actions based on my burning desire to impact lives... the lives of individuals with neurological disorders through my position at Hope Happens for Neurological Disorders and for people who want to get unstuck and move past their fears via The 7 Principles of COURAGE.

It's also simply about giving of myself to those I care about and to those who need my support the most.

This boils down to focusing on the solution, not on the problem. Focusing on the solution completely changes my thought process and subsequently my energy and my actions.

This really is my priority action # 1... plain and simple. And this brings me back full circle to why I'm doing this 100 Day Challenge.


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