100 Day Challenge: Post # 4 "What If?"

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During the second week of my 100 Day Challenge, I will hone in on Passion and my Courageous Action Plan.

Okay, so I have an inkling that my passion has to do with self-growth and inspiring others. The purpose of this 100 Day Challenge is to hone in on both via The 7 Principles of COURAGE.

I lead a small group of committed individuals every Saturday morning for an hour long Google Hangout. The prerequisites are to be open, honest and vulnerable. Last week we started going through Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It is one of the best selling books in the realm of self-growth of all time. Each week we are doing a chapter.

So, what does this have to do with passion? Hill talks about having a burning desire being one of the most important elements for success. Where does burning desire come from? It starts with passion.

I've been telling myself (and others) for quite a while that I wanted to change my life.

So, what has my biggest obstacle been? It's been me. It's been not having a truly burning desire to plan, to achieve, to step up and be the person it takes in order to do what it takes so I can have what I really want.

Every aspect of this obstacle stems from my deepest fears. Up until this point, my biggest fear has led to a huge amount of self-doubt. What happens when you doubt yourself? You procrastinate, you hesitate, you put off. You do NOT take focused action.

"What if" I had no fear? How would I be different? What would I do differently? What would the possibilities be?

WOW! I'd be powerful, courageous, connecting, enrolling, aware. I'd be open, loving, giving, happy. I'd be dynamic, always putting myself out there. I'd be unstoppable.

The possibilities would be endless.

So, where does the fear come from? It comes from my past conditioning.

And why would I want to allow my past to prevent my desire future from becoming my reality? There is no good, reasonable answer to this question except that "I don't and I won't!"

So this week, my intentions are to be OPEN, COMMITTED and COURAGEOUS!

In being OPEN I will be exposed, receptive to knowledge. I will look at things, people, situations, circumstances, interactions and challenges differently. That's right, I will literally shift my perspective.

This is HUGE! There is always more than one way to look at things. So, if the way I am looking at something is stifling or self-defeating, I will consciously come up with at least three other perspectives and choose the one that is the most self-empowering.

I will reveal my thoughts, feelings and reflections to you. I will be vulnerable (actually a tremendous asset of strength), unprotected and unpretentious.

I will be OPEN to My Heart (versus being stuck in my head which is the only place fear exists).

Being COMMITTED means that I will intentionally BE and DO whatever it takes to create what I want to create.

I will creatively reinvent when I'm stuck. I will engage and pledge to take consistent action to achieve my goals.

Being COMMITTED is not about a level of commitment… It's ALL or NOTHING!

I choose ALL! (Ah, so this is why after a full day of work, at 9:45 pm I am writing this… and of course because of my burning desire).

I will be COURAGEOUS. This means I will act as though fear does not exist. I will take action without hesitation. I will not allow my past to hold me back… so what I want is to be dynamically OPEN, POWERFUL and COURAGEOUS!

The times when I feel like my fears may be creeping back in, the times when I realize I might be hesitating, procrastinating, resulting in my being STUCK… I will ask myself, "What if I had no fear?"

What an in the moment life-changing question to be able to ask myself!

"What if I did this without any hesitation?"

"What if doing this creates incredible possibilities?"

What an unbelievably empowering question… a simple, pointed, "What If?"

And then I'll go for it.

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