100 Day Challenge: Post # 6 = A New Perspective On Clarity

For a while now, my perspective on CLARITY (Yep, The first of The 7 Principles of COURAGE), has been that it is vital to have CLARITY for Your Destination, to know what you want so you can intentionally get to where you want to be.

This past week, I've developed a new perspective to add to CLARITY.

There has been so much going on... with my new position as Executive Director of Hope Happens for Neurological Disorders, doing my personal 100 Day Challenge, traveling with my Mother to Boulder, Colorado this past weekend, spending time with my daughter, with my girlfriend, preparing for a trip to San Diego where I'll be presenting the trait of CURIOSITY (the foundation on which everyone can be empowered to learn, grow and be their best) to a group of middle school students and also attending the first live event of my personal coach, JT DeBolt (the event is called Takeoff To Success) and of course living life... that I have fallen behind in my commitment to myself and to you.

The former version of myself would be frustrated, disappointed, even angry and would really be coming down hard on myself for not following through.

Thanks to heightened levels of awareness of what subconsciously reacting to fear this way does, I now realize that all this would do would be to drain my energy and throw me even further off course as a result.

So, I have definitely gained CLARITY for how to be more aware and how to focus my energy in a different, much more positive and self-supporting manner.

I have more CLARITY for the OPPORTUNITY that exists in every situation, scenario and challenge! Wow, is this ever huge! (and so life-impacting).

I am CURIOUS as to how I can learn to be much more efficient, effective and productive.  A major part of this involves BEING more organized and paying more attention (ahhhh, to being more AWARE) to how I'm scheduling and spending my time.

And WHY would I want to improve this area of my life?

Because I have significant dreams for Hope Happens and for you via my 100 Day Challenge so I can support you by sharing in order to impact you and your life. It's all about sharing with you in a truly open, honest and vulnerable fashion. (And over the course of this 100 Day Challenge I absolutely know that I will become more open and vulnerable to really be able to impact you... After all, it's the repetition, the practice, practice, practice that leads us to hone our skills.

By the way, yes, initially I started to feel frustrated about falling behind.

Realizing that (fear-based) frustration would only put out resistance to what I really want to create, to how I really want to BE, I quickly shifted my perspective and understood that instead of trying to play catch-up (which would likely only serve to lead me into an even more dire state of hanging on to the cliff of overwhelm by my fingertips), I would be much more empowered to simply pick up where I left off (the point where I started to fall behind) and share the impact of learning how to shift my (your) perspective.

There is always more than one way of looking at or thinking about something, about anything.

This boils down to MINDSET, to the Power of Thought, to recognizing the unbelievable potential impact of learning how to shift or change your thoughts from a stagnant or self-defeating state of frustration, disappoint, of self-doubt, of failure...) to an uplifting, truly empowering way of BEING, which is a choice anyone can make.

Yes, there are insights and even techniques for learning how to do this (yes, it does take awareness, practice and reconditioning to break out of and change our old, subconscious, fear-based habits).

The starting point is having an acute AWARENESS that this is even possible, which is a life-changing insight and epiphany.

In other words, BEING able to develop and have CLARITY for how self-empowering or self-defeating your thoughts are, will directly lead you to being more powerful, courageous and proactive. What a concept!

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