100 Day Challenge Post # 8: Reflecting On My Origin of Inspiration

                              My daughter Alie, a true  Origin of Inspiration , feeling Inspired in the woods...


My daughter Alie, a true Origin of Inspiration, feeling Inspired in the woods...

What a process my journey of transformation continues to be! Enlightening, challenging, eye-opening, heart-opening, lessons around every corner, at times frustrating beyond comprehension... until the moment of awareness when I find myself reflecting back, always able to find the opportunity to learn and grow.

Having this awareness equates to the ability to discover the opportunity to transform a seeming obstacle into a blossoming moment of truth as I recognize that the very feeling of frustration itself exists only from within me, having stemmed from ancient seeds of fear that have led to the very fear of self-doubt and disbelief itself.

Every one of these fears exist only in the depths of my own mind. They are not a reality out in the world. No one else can see or feel them. They are not shared for me by anyone else.

Having developed this more highly honed level of awareness is an exquisite gift that has sprung forth thanks to the very feeling of frustration itself. It is a beautiful seed of possibility, sprouting from the consistent watering of the persistent effort to develop an incredibly empowering, unstoppable mindset of belief, faith and burning desire... the foundational elements that will lead to the unbelievable potential lying within me becoming my reality.  The fuse has been lit, igniting my Origin of Inspiration, the very thing that will drive and guide me to the success I have dreamed about, that I crave, that I yearn for.

And what has been holding me back for all this time, that up until now has kept me in a seemingly endless pit of struggle? The answer is that in the past feeling of ever-growing self-doubt and futility. (Yes, I am very aware of my thoughts and words here as I am releasing these fear factors, leaving them behind and allowing me to move forward with openness, power and COURAGE).

It has simply been an obstacle stemming from my own thoughts of worthlessness and self-doubt that I have unconsciously allowed to be reinforced over and over again. (And there have definitely been naysayers as well that I have allowed to push me further into this black hole...).


From this point forward I choose to be self-empowered, to believe in myself, to have faith in God, faith in myself, and faith in knowing that I deserve every facet of success. My newly formed Mindset is based in the absolute BELIEF that I have the ability to impact and inspire others by living my own PRINCIPLES OF COURAGE, by sharing my personal stories, my lessons, insights, struggles, challenges, triumphs and epiphanies that will inspire others to believe they can forge the trail to their own ultimate destination, to make their definition of success their reality.

To BE High Energy is my own choice. To Build Relationships through stepping into my Power, by reaching out and connecting, each of these is my own choice.

To prepare myself, step up and speak out with profound passion, uplifting energy, heartfelt connection, with an open heart, with power, with COURAGE, having Clarity, knowing my Origin of Inspiration, with a Mindset of absolute Belief, with integrity and Responsibility, with Awareness, with true Gratitude and with Excellence... is MY OWN CHOICE.

And this is exactly what I choose... because of and for my Love for Alie, for my Mom, for Susan, for the people I interact with, for my inner circle, for you... and for me.

This is a personally life-changing moment of reflection regarding my personal Origin of Inspiration... and I expect it can be for you as well... after all, the choice was mine, and likewise the choice is... yours.


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