100 Day COURAGE Challenge, Ground Zero: My WHY, Mission & Vision

Personal 100 Day Challenge

Peter Hobler, April 24, 2015



I am fed up with mediocrity and committed to making a difference by being inspired to live each day with intentional Clarity, COURAGE and Gratitude to show others what is possible.

My Mission

To inspire & guide individuals to gain clarity, to discover their passion and start living life with COURAGE, a driving force and purpose.

My Vision

To give by being open, powerful, responsible and grateful through being the person I have the potential to be, transforming the lives of my family, and making a positive difference in the world by inspiring at least 100,000 others to do the same by demonstrating and sharing the empowerment of The 7 Principles of COURAGE.

Receive Fiery Insights, based on The 7 Principles of COURAGE, to gain Clarity, find Inspiration and recognize Your Unrealized Potential  so YOU can Get Unstuck.