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What Does It Take To Be 100% Committed To Your Dreams?

I love asking people how committed they really are to achieving and living their dreams on a scale of 0 to 10.

I used to think I was a 7 to 8 myself when it came to my commitment to my dreams.

Then the epiphany hit me hard, right between the eyes... in the teeth...  in the gut... right where it counts!

There are really only two correct responses to the question, "On a scale of 0 to 10, how committed are you?"

You are either a "0" or you are a "10".

Yep, you're either a big fat zero, or you are 100% committed to do whatever it takes, to BEING the person you need to BE, to take action in spite of your fears, to have absolute Clarity of Your Destination and to be so incredibly filled with Inspiration, that you will consistently and persistently do something every day no matter what, undeterred by any obstacles or challenges that may arise (particularly when it comes to your fears).

I now understand why I had not been making progress toward my goals. I was only half-assed committed.

It wasn't until the pain got so severe, when I realized that deep within my heart and soul I'd had enough and it was time to make the ultimate choice and to be 100% committed, that things started to shift and I could feel my life starting to transform.

It's onward and upward baby... to do whatever it takes. This means I have to BE whomever I Need to BE in the moment, day by day... to live principle by principle each and every day... to espouse The 7 Principles of COURAGE so you, so others, will see the impact these step-by-step principles have on you and your life when you 100% Commit to COURAGE, so you will have the COURAGE To Commit to be your true, most Authentic Self.

How badly do you want it? Can you smell it, taste it, feel it, hear it, touch it, sense it??

Do you know what you want and what inspires you to jump out of bed in the morning and delve right into the Priority Actions that will get you ever closer to your dreams?

The 7 Principles of COURAGE... Commit to COURAGE so you have the COURAGE to Commit... 100%.

Receive Fiery Insights, based on The 7 Principles of COURAGE, to gain Clarity, find Inspiration and recognize Your Unrealized Potential  so YOU can Get Unstuck.