Acumen for COURAGE

Everyone has the capacity and acumen to choose to have COURAGE in their life.

What's your choice... COURAGE or fear?

The challenge is turning this into true COURAGEOUS Action to get the desired results.

There are many theories and approaches. I believe the following are the starting points:

1. Get crystal clear on what you really want. This means having CLARITY OF DESTINATION. When what you want is bigger than you, you will be more committed to following through. (Bigger than you means making a difference in the lives of others, in the world).

2. Figuring out what really inspires you, what it is that will get you up energized and excited each morning. Knowing your ORIGIN OF INSPIRATION will not only ignite your internal FIRE, but it will set you apart from the masses. (According to my online quiz, the biggest challenge faced for most people is feeling energized and excited to get going when the alarm clock goes off...).

3. Work on yourself DAILY... Recognizing your UNREALIZED POTENTIAL is a huge first step. Developing true unwavering BELIEF IN YOURSELF is essential.

4. Taking RESPONSIBILITY and actually Being RESPONSIBLE instead of blaming yourself or someone else when things don't go your way is a life-changing value and attribute. The only person actually RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS/INACTIONS is... YOU!  It's vital to Develop and Implement a well thought out dynamic, COURAGEOUS ACTION PLAN (I call this your CAP) and to follow through consistently (as in no matter what).

5. Develop AWARENESS and work on truly BEING AWARE! What does this really mean? For starters it means becoming aware of yourself, your environment (is it empowering?), others you surround yourself with, your target audience, and whether or not your choices are getting you closer to or farther away from your desired DESTINATION.

6. For me, the most impacting principle is Being Filled with GRATITUDE. GRATITUDE allows you to:  i. Find the opportunity to learn and grow from each and every challenge; ii. Learn to shift your perspective from a place of being reactive to being proactive (This is truly life impacting and changing not only for you, but for those you interact with); and iii. Immediately get out of the Vicious Cycle of Subconscious Fear, a cycle that rules the decision making and choices of most people (Because fear and GRATITUDE cannot coexist simultaneously).

7. Living with EXCELLENCE!  This translates to being your best self. Everyone has their moments, so when you're not quite there, give yourself a break and Be Grateful for the Opportunity to Learn and Grow instead of getting caught up in anger, frustration, self-doubt, hesitation, procrastination, worry, stress or anything else that serves as an obstacle to living the life you really want.

Anyone can choose to live with COURAGE. The key is having the desire and commitment to do what it takes.

Note that it is impossible to help or support anyone who does not want to help themselves to grow and transform into the amazing, incredible person they have the potential to become.

So... What's it going to be for you? It is after all... Your Choice... COURAGE, or fear...

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