Challenge Post # 3: Focused Action Changes Things


I saw the acronym "ACT" for Action Changes Things and immediately realized the importance of making sure the action is Focused. Here's why I came to this epiphany...

The past two weeks have been one of the most non-stop and pressure packed times I can remember in my life.

In early February I became the Executive Director of Hope Happens for Neurological Disorders (, a public charity started by my brother Chris in 2003 before he succumbed to ALS in 2005.

Two weeks ago we had a Hope Happens Board of Directors meeting and this past week we had our Annual Evening of HOPE, a wonderful celebration for "Sharing the passion to find cures, improve quality of life and for music".

Yesterday was a scheduled day for me to write an article and post it on my 100 Day Challenge Blog. Yesterday, the morning after our annual event, I attended a Cancer Research Symposium and went on a tour of The Hope Center for Neurological Disorders in the afternoon.

By the end of yesterday, I was completely exhausted.

As I sat with my daughter for a few minutes (before starting to grill some amazing bison ribeyes (prepared with a light coating of cold pressed coconut oil, sea salt, fresh chopped garlic and leeks, sweet potato strips and asparagus), I found myself thinking about the article I was scheduled to write for the day.

I knew I was spent. I realized the past few days had been amazing and that we (HOPE Happens) had just had what may have been the best Evening of HOPE ever during our 11 years. So, though whipped, I felt great about what we had done and about what I had done.

I started thinking that I really had to force myself to sit down and take the action necessary to get the article written. Why? Because in the past I'd typically feel into the proverbial procrastination mode and chilling was the easier option. I also now understand the impact for what it means to "Take Action Now".

In that moment I realized how important it is to have Clarity for the message to be imparted via the article. This meant I needed to be able to focus.

In other words, simply taking Action and ending up with a so-so article to post, would not nearly have the impact as it would if I was energized, reflective and focused.

Yes, it is important to make sure you "Take Action Now", yet it is every bit as important to make sure you "Take Focused Action Now".

I knew I could really use some down time and intentionally chose to spend the time with my daughter after a grueling two weeks and not being able to spend time with her.

This morning I began to feel bad about not having taken the action needed the day before… and immediately became aware that this was a self-defeating thought process. Being aware in the moment, I chose to return to a state of self-empowerment and take focused action right after my weekly Saturday morning Google Hangout that I've been doing for a year and a half with a group of intentionally committed individuals.

So here I am, completing the task a day behind schedule, but completing it nevertheless and in what I believe in a much more focused and empowering way.

My personal takeaway is that it is vital to remember the "FACT"… that "Focused Action Changes Things" is so true and so vital for consistently moving forward.

And as of now, I am still on track, on target, for my personal 100 Day Challenge.

It feels fantastic to "Get 'er done"… with focus... and with additional Clarity!

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