100 Day Challenge, Post # 7: Clarity of Destination Requires Follow-Through

Progress Takes ACTION

Clarity of Destination Requires Follow Through

This past week I've realized that more than anything I absolutely have to figure out what is going to drive me to follow through on what I say I'm going to do.

Just last week, I told you I was going to follow through on my weekly article posts and videos, yet today as I reflect back, I followed through on only one out of three articles.

This is NOT what it is going to take to prove that The 7 Principles of COURAGE work, for me or for anyone else.

As there is always opportunity in every situation, in every challenge, there is a ginormous lesson for me in this.

The lesson is that Clarity of Destination Requires Follow Through.

In other words, to actually make progress and make my ultimate destination a realistic possibility, I must resolutely commit to follow through on what I say I'm going to do by taking consistent, persistent ACTION... every day and even when I don't feel like it.

Sure, I can come up with every excuse in the book… I've been swamped with my regular job, I've been feeling under the weather with a bad sore throat the past few days, I've felt exhausted, I needed to spend time with my Mom.

Excuses will NOT get me closer to my desired destination. Rather excuses will only keep me farther away, keep me deeply embedded in that proverbial rut that I have come to despise.

So, I don't want to be in the rut. What DO I WANT?

This is the key. Whenever we know precisely what we do not want, the immediate next step is to figure out exactly what we DO WANT.

So here you go… I DO WANT to be a passionately committed, laser focused Action Taker who gets closer to my ultimate destination every single day, step-by-step, small action by small action.

Why? Because this is what it will take to impact people's lives, both in the realm of neurological disorders as Executive Director of Hope Happens and as an author, speaker and Igniting Excellence Coach to inspire people to figure out what they want and to get unstuck.

Okay, now we're getting somewhere…

Now I must ask myself, "What will it take to BE THE PERSON that it takes to accomplish this, to make my dream a realistic destination?"

What it takes is BEING this person… doing what I've committed to even when I am tired, feeling a bit under the weather, have no energy, simply don't feel like it.

This means BEING Aware, Committed, Passionate, Open from my heart, Creative, Powerful, Courageous, Connecting with others, Loving.

This will be a huge change for me, a huge shift in my perspective.

It will mean choosing pain in the present moment for pleasure later. The pain is doing a scheduled action when I don't feel like it. The pleasure is knowing I am getting ever closer to where I really want to be.

So, what will drive me to BE THIS PERSON, to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES?

BELIEF IN MYSELF. Faith in God (or for you, faith in your own version of God…), faith in my dream, faith in myself.

My thoughts determine the person I am, the actions I take, the impact I have on people and on the world.

Ah, MINDSET! Mindset takes daily work. Repetition of empowering thoughts will take hold in your subconscious. Three of my daily affirmations are, "I Love myself just the way I am" (200 to 300 times daily), "I believe in myself and am able to do anything I choose" and "I am open-hearted, powerful and courageous".

I just finished reading Life Champion by Viliami Tuivai and am rereading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Fantastic, transformational input to say the least.

Self-Belief, passionate commitment and follow through are what drive the actions necessary of having Clarity of Destination so I, so you, will arrive at this destination.

It's time to step up and into my potential, to make my possibility my reality... its time to follow-through... no matter what.

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