Clarity, Responsibility and Gratitude... 3 Ways to Beat the Holiday Hangover and Monday Morning Blues

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Did you have trouble getting out of bed on this Monday morning after the 4th of July Holiday weekend? Or getting up on any Monday? Or any day, for that matter?

According to our research, you are not alone.

As an author, speaker and personal development coach, I set out on a journey to find out what is holding people back from living the life they really want.

In order to achieve this, I created a carefully constructed quiz called the “Are You Stuck in Life” Quiz that has now been taken by several thousand people.

And let me tell you. The results are incredibly telling.

In the quiz, each question asks the responder to rate themselves from 1 (lowest) – 10 (highest) on how much they agree with each of the following seven statements relating to key aspects of their life:

1) I know with certainty what I want in life.

2) I am excited and energized when the alarm goes off to get ready and go to work.

3) I have the potential to do anything I set my mind to.

4) I always follow through on what I a say I am going to do in a timely fashion.

5) I am keenly aware of the consequences of even the most insignificant choices I make each day.

6) I truly understand and count my blessings, large and small.

7) I am my very best self every day and do my best to make the most of each day.


In question # 2, the overall average rating for individuals' responses to "I am excited and energized when the alarm goes off to get ready and go to work”, is 3.6/10. This is by far the lowest average rating of all the questions.

You can see that you are DEFINITELY NOT ALONE.

Are you wondering, “So what can I do about it?” Great question! Glad you asked!

We’ve analyzed the data and found that people who scored themselves high on being energized to get up each and every morning tend to also score themselves high on THREE OTHER ASPECTS of their life.

There are THREE CONCRETE THINGS you can start doing TODAY to increase your chances of feeling Inspired and WAKING UP EXCITED and ENERGIZED.

1. Have Clarity for what you want and for where your passion lies!

We found that people scoring themselves high on being energized to start each day also tended to score themselves high on knowing with certainty what they wanted in life.  

So there it is. I ask you now: "What do you want in life?"

The first, and most important, step is answering this question. Some people find that this is not exactly the easiest question to answer, but nonetheless, it is a question that you CAN answer and that is well worth the time it takes to start feeling more inspired and energized every morning.           

2. Take Personal Responsibility! In other words, be the person you and others can rely on by following through consistently on what you say you are going to do! Take ownership for your choices and actions.

We found that people who scored themselves high on being energized each morning also tended to score themselves high on taking Personal Responsibility.

Just as much as you appreciate dependability in others, they appreciate it in you. Knowing that you are an individual others can depend on makes every day that much more meaningful.

This begins by taking personal responsibility so you are able to rely on yourself.

Ah, being in integrity with yourself is where Responsibility begins.                           

3. Have Gratitude! Be Grateful, you have a lot going for you!

People who scored themselves high on being energized each morning also tended to score themselves high on having gratitude.

It seems like your mother was right (I know, what a bummer!). Practice an attitude of gratitude because it really can allow you to live the life you want.


There you have it.

Have CLARITY and know where your PASSION lies. Take RESPONSIBILITY. Be GRATEFUL.

Focusing on these three controllable parts of yourself will Inspire and energize you to get up not only the Monday morning after the holiday weekend, but each and every morning thereafter.

Note: Write down your reflections on the three principles above to make them real, and not just a fleeting thought.

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