Figuring Out Your Origin of Inspiration

What's the difference between Inspiration and Motivation?

Have you ever thought about this before? I have, and before today I did not truly understand the distinction.

During an amazingly insightful session with my coach Rene this morning, she helped me see the light so to speak.

Inspiration comes from within you. Motivation comes from something outside of you.

When you have a reason that is truly meaningful, it becomes much bigger than you.

Inspirational fuel can come from being fed up from the pain of something you no longer want to endure or continue to suffer through.

It can come from a cause that will make a difference in the world. It can be ignited when you realize there is something your heart desires so much that you'll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

When you feel true Inspiration you will not let your fears continue to be an obstacle, rather you will take action to move right past them.

An insightful bit of irony here is the reason fears become an obstacle is that you are focused on them. This is why they become so overwhelming most of the time. It seems we are conditioned to focus on our fears.

Often, there is a lack of absolute Clarity for what it is you really want. This is vital. Why? Because when you know precisely what you want to achieve, you can focus on it from a place of Gratitude instead of from a place of fear and self-doubt.

Gratitude and fear cannot coexist. When you are Grateful for being clear on what you want, it makes all the difference in the world.

Here's an example so you can be clear on what I'm really trying to share

Outside of the realm of my teaching, sharing and inspiring The 7 Principles of COURAGE, I am the executive director of Hope Happens for Neurological Disorders, a 501(c)(3) public charity. One of my biggest priorities is to build relationships. Probably the most common way to do this is by making phone calls. When you can't stand making cold calls, this becomes a major issue, in fact it becomes an obstacles.

When I am resisting making phone calls, I am only focusing on my fears. When I shift my perspective, I realize that when I do not make phone calls I am not giving the person at the other end of the phone the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of individuals with neurological disorders.

Now I can shift my focus to connecting with people to give them a life-impacting opportunity to make a difference by contributing to one of the leading collaborative research laboratory facilities in the world (which happened to be the concept of my brother Chris before he died from ALS… which happens to be very inspiring to me…).

By shifting my focus off of my fears and onto supporting the mission started by my brother and understanding that by taking action once thought to be outside of my comfort zone, I am able to make connections with people that actually give them an opportunity to make a difference, I am able to feel the shift of energetic focus inside of me… and it feels amazing!

Now I'm feeling inspired, inspired to the point where I AM taking action.

This action leads to results, which leads to my feeling more motivated by the very external results themselves. Why? Because the results tell me I am indeed making a difference by taking action.

It's the same for you. When your initial inspiration is bigger than your fears, you will take action. When you take consistent action, you will get results which in turn get you closer to achieving your mission, which externally motivates you.

Commit to gaining Clarity. Have Gratitude for your Clarity. Figure out the Inspiration that is bigger than your fears. Focus on having Clarity for what you want and on having Gratitude and you will feel like taking Inspired Action. This will lead to real world results, which in turn will further Motivate you to more consistently take Inspired Action.

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