How Do I Get Unstuck?

Feeling Stuck In A Rut?

How often have you said you were going to start something... but you just never seemed to be able to get around to taking that first action step?

Did you ever stop and reflect on how important the action was to you or to others? Did you write down your thoughts about this so you could learn more about what kept you from taking the action you at one point thought was so important?

Well, if you're like me, you are full of the best intentions. This is great, though when you never take the first action step to get things going, what difference does it make that you've had good intentions? Not one bit!!

Then, maybe you're like me in that you've actually taken that first step and kicked something off, yet haven't followed through with the consistency that is vital in order to keep things going, to have an impact... on yourself and more importantly, on others, and to find the "success" you claim you've been wanting for so long.

I've often wondered what the hell it would take for me to find the inspiration to do what I thought I'd really wanted to do for a while... to get to the "other side" of the hesitation, procrastination and trepidation fear based dragons that seem to keep raising their ugly heads.

Inspiring others is my passion... so what is the specific inspiration that will get me off my rear end to really, really start doing what it takes to inspire and provide guidance for others to help them get unstuck?

The multi-fold million dollar answers are that first, I must set an inspiring example of getting unstuck myself... second, when others are counting on me, I must always do what it takes to follow through and give them what they need in the form of inspiration and guidance... and third, I must remember the commitment and promise I made to myself to never again let fear steal my passions and to help others make sure that their fears do not steal their passions.

By sharing with you here, with these very words, in an open, honest and vulnerable way, I expect that a personal spark of inspiration is being ignited within you. This spark is the beginning as it is lights the kindling to get your FIRE roaring!

Most people, particularly those of the male gender, believe that being vulnerable is a weakness. NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

 By looking within yourself, integrity begins within. You  must be in integrity with yourself in order to be in integrity with anyone else. Being honestly vulnerable is the doorway to incredible self-transformation.

Upon delving further into my own self-reflections, I realize that I really, really want to live the life I dream about. This includes being able to do what I want, when I want, to contribute what and when I want, to impact the lives of others via inspiration and guidance, to build my business the way I want, when I want, and to support those I love.

I have an incredible 16 1/2 year old daughter who counts on me... It's time to step it up and set the example for her for what it means to realize my potential... There is an amazing, integrity based, beautiful woman in my life whom I want to support, travel the world with, share adventures with, and so much more...

Others who have really known me throughout my life have had more confidence and belief in me than I've had in myself... and this could not be more apparent than it is currently. I've had some truly amazing people come into my life during the past 2 years... I realize they see something in me, so it's time to believe in myself and simply do what I know I am capable of...

You are likely the same and have simply been held back by your own obstacles of self-doubt, disbelief, hesitation, procrastination, trepidation, worry, anxiety, anger, stress, overwhelm, being unsure, or whatever your subconscious fears have "caused" for you.

I realized I must first know where I am NOW... and know that others need to figure this out too. The result is the "Are You Stuck In Life?" Quiz.

Upon taking the quiz myself, I learned that my personal weakest area was a lack of inspiration, even though I had thought I was completely inspired. What a HUGE wake-up call!

The quiz is straightforward, pointed,  and has just 8 questions... so simple to take... and so much information to be gleaned from the answers and your score.

So what is the answer to "How Do I Get Unstuck?"

EXCELLENT question my friend!

It begins with Awareness, Principle 5 of The 7 Principles of COURAGE.

Learning where you need to start working, honing in.

Are you lacking CLARITY for what you really want?

Do you have any idea of what the ORIGIN OF INSPIRATION is for you?

Do you believe in your amazing UNREALIZED POTENTIAL?

Do you take complete Personal RESPONSIBILITY for your choices and the resulting actions and consequences?

How much AWARENESS do you presently have? For yourself? For the people in your life and whether or not they uplift you or drain you? For your environment?

Has true GRATITUDE come into your life? Being grateful for what you have is key. Having GRATITUDE for the opportunities to learn and grow from the most challenging times in your life is a gift that leads to incredible transformation and a much more empowering life.

Being your best self day in and day out, living with Passionate EXCELLENCE and being consistent and patient makes THE DIFFERENCE.

Take a small step to becoming more, to changing your life. Learn something about yourself by taking the "AM I STUCK IN LIFE? Quiz" right now.

How serious and committed are you on a scale of 1 to 10? If you're an 8 or above, go back to the preceding paragraph and simply CLICK and take the quiz... 3 minutes of your time could be the beginning to changing your life.

If you rated your commitment less than an 8, just keep living your life, for you most likely will not be serious about following through, so why bother to even take the quiz...

For those of you who are serious and committed, make it a Courageous, Inspirational and Excellent day.


Receive Fiery Insights, based on The 7 Principles of COURAGE, to gain Clarity, find Inspiration and recognize Your Unrealized Potential  so YOU can Get Unstuck.