"Igniting Excellence ••• Unlocking Potential"


Are you completely sick and fed up with feeling stuck … like you're spinning your proverbial hamster wheel of life… or maybe have no clue how to go about Unlocking Your Potential to turn life around?

Then it's time to suck it up and pay attention. (This is not meant to be crass… just direct).

Making your life what you really want it to be takes personal responsibility… and that is one of The 7 Principles of COURAGE. As such, it's my Responsibility to tell you like it is and inspire you to wake up so you can start gaining momentum.

I've been through the wringer. I've been up… and I've lost it all and been down. And, I've been stuck in the seemingly bottomless pit of hopelessness.

Yet, there is hope. It's up to YOU to start to develop this hope… and then more importantly, to turn your hope into your "Expectations".

Think about it! When you hope for something, you have the tendency to sit around and hope for things to happen.

When you EXPECT something, you will take directed, focused, empowered ACTION to make sure it happens.

How do you change the almost futile feeling of "hope" into "EXPECTATION!"?

Excellent question.

It all begins with Mindset.

How do you start to change your Mindset?

Let's look at the Cycle of Mindset to give you a more insightful understanding…



Your Results will further empower your Mindset… Your lack of Results will disempower your Mindset.

Your Thoughts are what empower or disempower you and the ACTIONS you take… or the ACTIONS you don't take.

Not taking ACTION gets you Results by default. Results you do not care for, that you do NOT want.

Let's look at a personal example of mine when I had a position where I was supposed to be making phone calls every day…

I consistently found myself thinking how much I dreaded making the phone calls… how much I hated making the phone calls… how I wasn't very good at making the phone calls.

The ACTION I subsequently most often took was procrastination, putting off making the phone calls. In other words, my fear based thoughts led to a high level of In-Action.

What do you think the RESULTS were?

That's right, they were absolutely horrendous!

My thoughts were completely disempowering. They led to my not being effective at the assigned responsibilities for my job.

I was chewed out… and rightfully so! I felt terrible… and rightfully so as I had not only let my employer down, I had his prospective and existing clients down. I had let myself down.

All because of my disempowering thoughts… grounded in disbelief, worry, doubt, anxiety.

And these all come from fear.

How did I turn this poor performance around?

I started to focus on what I wanted rather than on my fears. I practiced reflecting on my thoughts that preceded the times when I did NOT follow through.

This allowed me to develop heightened AWARENESS for how my Thoughts had to change. Every time I found myself thinking how much I did NOT want to make the phone calls, I began to focus on knowing what actually making the phone calls would do for me…

The experience of making more and more phone calls would help me to be more successful at everything I did.


Because communications skills would constantly be honed. The more time I spent on the phone, the better the better listener I would become… the more insightful I would be with my responses… the more value I would be able to provide the person on the other end.

So, I began to literally become aware of my thoughts and change them by focusing on what I did not and understanding that the process of making the calls would prepare me and get me closer, call by call, step by step.

I changed my perspective of the process because I finally understood that the process is what results in transformation and creates momentum.

In closing, understand, realize and believe that you have incredible potential.

The way to start to Unlock Your Potential is to begin by Igniting Your Excellence by recognizing that it is how you deal with, how you focus on… The Process.

 Think about what you want. Determine what you must be, WHO you must be. Figure out what you must do to become this person so you can have what you want.

See how the process, the ACTIONS you need to take to get to your destination, will help you Unlock Your Incredible Potential.

Ignite the Excellence that's inside of you.

Receive Fiery Insights, based on The 7 Principles of COURAGE, to gain Clarity, find Inspiration and recognize Your Unrealized Potential  so YOU can Get Unstuck.