Is The Tide Of Your Life Still Rising... Or Shifting?


Do you feel like the tide of your life is still rising, that you've been overcome by overwhelm, like there's nothing you can do to change things or do you see opportunity in your circumstances? Or do you feel the shift that you've created starting to change things in your life?

When I first looked at the picture above, I immediately felt like, "This is how I feel... such abounding, beautiful opportunity all around, yet here I sit stuck in overwhelm letting my fear based emotions consume me, causing the opportunity pass me by like there's nothing I can do to shift and create forward moving momentum."

Then when I start really honing in and reflecting, I realize how much irony there is in this picture compared to me and my life. I see what looks to be a beautiful boat off to the left... I look down the pathway created by the beautiful trees going off to the distance in the right... I see the reflection in the rippling water mirroring the glistening shades of leafy greens and the sky, which upon closer scrutiny I realize is creating an amazing white almost straight line path heading off in the distance shadowy reflection in the flooding waters.

There is so much symbolization within this picture... which is my very own interpretation created within my mind... my mindset. This picture is really a mirror for me to glance in, giving me the opportunity to meditate on my mindset.

What I do each day in every moment is a choice. There are always obstacles and challenges. I can continue to allow these to create a seemingly overbearing, unconquerable barrier... or I can shift my perspective to see the opportunity to learn and grow that is always there in every single moment of every challenge.

It is always simply easier to allow my personal hardships to continue to exist, to become an overflowing rising tide of overwhelm than it is to commit to be more, to fight, to step into my personal power.

The current scenario I find myself in is all too familiar. It is a place I have allowed myself to drift into repetitively again and again, and over time this has formed a deep, comfortable rut. I came up with the idea for a 100 Day Challenge and committed to do the work to prove that The 7 Principles of COURAGE are real, to inspire you, to inspire myself. And now it's been 15 days without a single post. What the h---- is this all about?

Sure there have been all sorts of excuses such as technical video challenges, unexpected business and family situations that have arisen, feeling tired at the end of a lot of long, full work days, and much more.

So what have these "excuses" done for me? They have only served to take me farther away from my goals, taken me away from the journey I committed to. How can I claim to understand the importance of focusing on the process, of having insights to support others to be able to change their life? So what about me? If I don't follow through on what I say I'm going to do, why the hell would anyone else pay any attention to me?

Sure, I'm human. Sure I make mistakes. Sure I get distracted... But what is it I really want? I've done a lot of work honing in to gain clarity on what I really want, but that is not the point of this post. The point I'm working on making is that no matter how much anyone has allowed their life to slide, to get out of control, it's never too late and there is always opportunity to shift perspective and take control by doing some work and taking consistent action to start creating momentum.

This begins with FOCUS! Focus on one thing at a time, on what will take me farter down the path of my journey, on what I need to focus on in the moment

So, it's is time for me to make an ultimate choice... to either continue to allow my tide of overwhelm to rise higher, further sucking me under... or to shift the perspective on my tide to see the opportunity that lies before me. It's time to halt the rising tide and shift my perspective, to really focus and concentrate on what I really want... to create the life I want to be able to support my loves ones by being inspired so I can inspire others... by living with passion, COURAGE, focus and an open heart.

I can see, taste and smell the life I want, the people that will be inspired... I feel the opportunity here right now. I feel it in my soul and believe it with all my heart... this is an essential component to making the shift in my perspective real and permanent. It's time to close the floodgates of overwhelm from the rising tide of my past to my perspective shift for my future.

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