Shifting Perspectives… Shifting Emotions

Shifting Perspectives… Shifting Emotions

scary, mysterious or wow?

This past weekend I found myself reflecting after a dinner conversation where the other person was not at all open to some thoughts I was sharing about being able to shift perspectives and emotions.

The other person replied, "You can't change your emotions."

I found this to be in direct contrast to my beliefs and to my personal experience.

There was a time when I may have agreed with her reply. I have discovered that being open to possibility creates seeming miracles and has definitely caused a shift in my own beliefs and ways of thinking.

Thanks to The COURAGE Principle of Gratitude, I have known for several years that I can shift my perspectives when I replace my subconscious fears with Gratitude, as fear and gratitude cannot coexist.

It was only a few months ago that the topic of being able to shift emotions was brought to light for me during a four-month experiential training. This insight has absolutely shifted my mindset and changed my life.

Just two weekends ago, I found the old, fear based version of myself raising its ugly head. I had not understood what was being asked of me, got frustrated and started to completely shut down… a direct result of prior life's conditioning. Feelings (yes, emotions) of self-doubt, worthlessness and frustration had completely taken over, my good mood and energy had disappeared and I was stuck in this terrible place.

Almost immediately I realized that I did not continue feeling this way, to be this way… for me and particularly for the other person.

I went to a place of Gratitude for this Awareness, started focusing on what I wanted, i.e., to be happy, Loving, giving and aware of the other person, and within a matter of say three minutes, was able to completely return to the upbeat, outgoing, funny (well, at least to me…), Loving, aware version of me that had started the evening.

It was noticed and commented on by the other person. First, that they had never seen me shut down like that, and secondly, how incredible it was  how quickly I turned my mood around. The evening ended up being absolutely wonderful.

So, I stand by my beliefs that it is possible to shift your emotions. I've lived it and am here to support others in learning how to do the same. It is absolutely life-changing.

Note: I wish that the person who told me it was impossible to shift your emotions, can be open to shifting her own perspective on this… and open to creating the possibility to be able to shift her own emotions as it will definitely change her life.

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