Challenge Post #1: So, What Is My Story?

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100 Day Challenge Launch: My Story

What an amazing life I've lived up to this point! I've had Ups… downs… happiness… tragedy…  successes… and lots of failures. I've had financial freedom… and I've lost almost everything. I've been on adventures all over the world… and I've had the feeling of being trapped and not being able to go anywhere. I've met and gotten to know some amazing people and developed incredible friendships… I've had people disappear form my life and I've pushed some very special people away. I've felt fulfilled… and I've felt very discontent.

I have developed talents and honed skills over the years. I've chosen to learn from my mistakes. And now, these lessons are invaluable.

In the past I've been consumed with fear and self-doubt, which led to my being lazy, scattered and unsure.

At this point in my life I have clarity for what I want. I feel inspired, purpose driven, focused and committed to my mission to inspire others. More importantly, I know WHY I want to make a difference in this way.

How do I intend to carry out this mission? Through living the Principles of COURAGE that I created and espouse today and sharing my personal journey with you over the next 100 days.

So, you're still wondering, what's my story?

As with everyone, my past has led me to where I am today. There is a bit of irony, as I am not going to share the story of my past with you here. Yes, it is important. Yes, it would take quite a long time to share my entire story with you. Over the next 100 days, you will learn a lot about me. You will hear and learn a lot about my past. You will learn what I'm made of, what lied deep within me.

What is vital for you to know is that my real story has yet to be told. This is the true purpose of the 100 day personal challenge that begins today.

My real story is an adventure filled with passion, clarity, knowing the origin of my inspiration, realizing my heretofore unrealized potential, responsibility, awareness, gratitude and excellence.

Whereas my past is a story filled with fear, this is a story of COURAGE.

Does this sound like a story you would like to create for yourself?

Before answering, reflect on whether you believe you are one of the 98% who blame, shame and make up excuses for the challenges in their lives, for their life not being the way they really want…

Or are you one of the 2% who steps up and out by taking actual personal responsibility for their choices and subsequent actions.

Personally, I am completely clear that I am one of the 2%. To this destination, I passionately commit to the 100 Day Challenge I have laid out for myself.

What makes me so damn unique? Why would you or anyone want to pay attention to me, to follow me over the next 100 days?

This is the most pointed question you could ask right here and now.

What makes me unique is that I commit to you over the next 100 Days to share my activity, reflections and more while going through the action steps of The 7 Principles of COURAGE, from the Getting Unstuck… Because Your Life Is Waiting Course. The prerequisite for me is to be open, honest and vulnerable… which I believe are vital underlying values for creating my vision.

I am sharing the good, the bad, the ugly. I am sharing my successes, my failures and challenges, the good choices that move me forward and the poor choices that move me in the wrong direction. I am sharing my insights, lessons and epiphanies.

I am sharing my daily journaling with the personal aspects of my 100 Day journey, a focused and courageous expedition that I know will change everything.

You may be wondering why would I put myself through such a challenging ordeal. I have been working on myself consistently for over 10 years. Yet, this inner-reflection work really began for me shortly after college, longer ago than I really care to share… 36 years ago, when I wanted to become a Travel Director so I would have to interact with people and learn how to move past my fear-based shyness.

By the way, this is not an ordeal to me. I understand that Mindset, the power of thought, can make or break any individual. So I choose the Mindset that these next 100 days are the launching pad to the rest of my wonderful life.

Tomorrow I will share an overview for what you can expect each week. It's all laid out in sequence according to The Principles of COURAGE.

I am excited and committed to this journey and to sharing it with you. Let the adventure begin… Bring it on!

I'm ready… are you?

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