When You Change Your Perspective, You Change Everything... A Guest Blog Post

A Boot Camp to Remember

* Written by guest blog author and Continued Fight Las Vegas BOOT CAMP Attendee and Speaker Peter Hobler. (June 1 to 3, 2014).

Success takes work… When you change your perspective, you can make the work fun… which changes everything.

Attending Ben Newman’s Continued Fight Vegas Boot Camp the past 2 days was an extraordinary life changing experience.

How? Why?

Because of Ben… Because of the other speakers who shared their insights, epiphanies, life lessons learned from their experiences… Because of the relationship building camaraderie… Because of the fun… Because of the commitment and passion. Most of all because every single attendee (each of whom is already successful in their own right), realizes that their success, that getting to the next level, getting to the ultimate level of success is their choice.

That’s right… The level of your success is up to you and only you.

There were so many takeaways at Boot Camp and it is impossible to list all of them here. 

Have clarity for your vision. Know your passion. Embrace gratitude and always find the opportunity to learn and grow. Nurture your relationship with God and with others.

Always learn… and take action to apply what you’ve learned. Figure out your daily disciplines. Be persistent and consistent.

The list of takeaways goes on…

The bottom line is that what you do with your life is up to you… And only you.

Choose. Commit. Surround yourself with incredible people. Work with a coach. Yes, if you are serious about success, hire an empowering coach. Make it work. 

When you change your perspective, you can make focusing on the process (which is what will get you the results you want) FUN… You will change everything, you will change your life. 

This is what the Continued Fight Boot Camp has done for every single attendee. No past tense… Present and future tense.

I personally have no intention of leaving what happened in Vegas, in Vegas. I am taking it with me and sharing it with those I love… And with the world.

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