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All of us deal with points of uncertainty in our lives where we reach a crossroads and aren't sure which path to take. Some people simply do the same thing day in, day out… "Same Old, Same Old".

In these critical times, it's important to set aside some time for self-analysis and self-reflection to remind yourself what you care about so you can steer your life toward your true passions – passions that may well evolve over time.

If you find that what you are passionate about and what you're doing aren't in alignment, you have two choices: 1) take action; or 2) stay where you are. Staying where you are is simple. It's easier not to act – particularly if you don't know where to start.

The 7 Principles of COURAGE are seven steps to get you to where you want to be in life. These Principles provide a framework to help you align what you are passionate about with what you do on a daily basis in your life.

Yes, the journey is challenging, but will be one of the most worthwhile things you've ever done in your life. To be your best self, you must first recognize the incredible Unrealized Potential existing inside of you...


Find Inspiration, Insights, and Guidance to: Realize Your Potential and Start To Live Life By Your Own Design.


The 7 Principles Of COURAGE

1. Clarity of Destination: In order to start your journey to a more fulfilling life, you need to know with incredible clarity where it is you want to ultimately be. Focus on what you're passionate about in life and visualize (with intense detail) what your fulfilling life will look like.

2. Origin of Inspiration: Determine what inspires you: books, experiences, causes, an important person in your life or history, nature… and use that inspiration to power you along your journey.

3. Unrealized Potential: Understand that you have potential and believe in yourself. Do not let others hold you back from pursuing the destination you have clearly defined in your head. You are capable of more than you currently think possible.

4. Responsibility: Take Responsibility for your actions and your place in life. It's easy to get derailed on this journey and easier still to blame those challenges on other things and other people, rather than to take Responsibility for your own choices. Take Responsibility and know that reaching your destination is 100% within your control.

5. Awareness: Know what is holding you back (often, it's the obstacle of your own subconscious fears). Know what you want. Know what you don't want. Be Aware of your environment and the people in your life. Know what actions you need to take to reach your destination.

6. Gratitude: Allows you to change how to view the past, present and future and empowers you to be proactive – for when you are filled with Gratitude, there is no room for fear. When you're going through a challenging time, think of how grateful you are for the positive things in your life. This will change your perspective entirely.

7. Excellence: Solidifies the process of your Fiery evolution – Excellence brings everything to a Fiery culmination of combustion that leads to momentum. As you begin to achieve your goal of living a more fulfilling life, Excellence begins to feed on itself, yielding more and more great results and moving you closer and closer to your destination.

The Are You Stuck In Life? Quiz

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