"Peter Hobler has a passion for empowering people to move past their subconscious fears to realize their fullest potential, and a gift for bringing out their very best from within through his practical teachings. His remarkable talent has been refined from years of 'walking the walk' and teaching from real-world experience."

-JT DeBolt, Mission Accomplishment Expert


Peter works from the heart! He has a knack for quickly identifying blocks and providing tools I can immediately apply to get unstuck and to start moving forward toward my goals. He works as hard as I do to help me understand and overcome internal barriers to success and supports me in being my most authentic, effective self!

At one of the most challenging points in my life, Peter helped me 'dig deep' to rediscover my strength, ability and belief in myself to transform my life into what I envisioned. He is an outstanding coach who cares deeply about his clients and effectively facilitates the mindset and practices of success!

- L. Ashton, Ph.D., President/CEO Evaluation Enterprises, L.L.C.


"Peter has an undeniable passion to make those around him better. His drive and ability to connect will lead YOU to YOUR next level."

- Ben Newman, Best-selling Author of "Own YOUR Success", Performance Coach & International Speaker                                


Few times in life we are granted the joy of crossing paths with a stranger who quickly becomes a close friend. It's even better when this new friendship is founded on and framed in a mutual understanding of the power of gratitude.  Peter Hobler is that friend in gratitude for me.  

 I had the pleasure of meeting Peter following a speech I was giving about gratitude when he introduced himself.  Being a keynote speaker, author, and life coach himself, it was a real pleasure to meet him, and both of us immediately knew it was a new friendship. Months later I was a guest in the audience where Peter was the keynote speaker and serving as the emcee.  Peter's passion for life and the power of gratitude radiates through and from him with each word.  It's such a joy to be in the audience during one of his keynote addresses, because each time leaves you with a powerful take-away you will carry for life.  

- Doug Hunt, President & Founder, Doug Hunt Consulting


I often recall what you've taught me about changing perspective, and intentionally creating a more courageous, peaceful, "boundary aware" life for myself.

In implementing the mantras you taught me, "I love myself just the way I am", and with gratitude thinking I can already see a major difference in my life. My relationships with others are smoother, I feel less anxious, less afraid, and much more courageous. I am amazed at how my actions in little ways show more self love: in that the effort to act with self love/self compassion has gotten easier & easier. I can only attribute this to the time you spent coaching me.

With that being said: I am grateful beyond words, Peter, for your authenticity in coaching me through a very difficult time in my life when it seemed no one could help. You inspired me to shift my vision in championing myself so that it became more attainable -- now I can see the fruit of the work I have put in (which is all inspired by you). My life will never be the same (not that I'd want to look back anyway).

Thank you, again, for everything you are and the coach you have been to me.

With Gratitude,

Kaelei Johnson


 Getting to know Peter over the last 4 years has been truly transformational for me.

First, and foremost, I consider him a friend, but also a mentor and coach. Through his book, “Courage To Find The Fire Within” and his “7 principles of courage”, he has helped and inspired me to step out of my comfort zone. To talk about the past and the future. To see that it is a strength, not a weakness to be vulnerable.

How important gratitude is in our lives. Whether a positive or negative experience in our life, be grateful and learn from it.

I believe that one of Peter’s greatest strengths is in coaching someone, with that person having no idea they are being coached.  I’ve seen it countless times through our conversations, or on group hangouts that we have been on together.

- Louie Long


 Peter's book instantly pulled me in. His "passionate" ability to humbly and honestly share his personal journey integrated with an awakening to find "the FIRE within" brings a two dimensional surface to a three dimensional experience. Peter is right there with you. He's empowering you to break the barriers of self-limiting fear and be "consciously present" opening the path to discover and achieve our ultimate potential. His enthusiam to want YOU to have this "life changing" investment in yourself and to passionately live it is an experience beyond the written word. You will see life through a different lense and live gratefully each and every day.
Thank you for sharing your gift.

- Caro Schneithorst Wolfner