When I felt stuck, at first I had no idea what steps to take to Get Unstuck.

I was fearful about doing something different and became complacent. I did not take focused ACTION, which was precisely what was needed to transform myself and change my life. I did not Commit to developing new habits, routines and daily rituals to become the person I really wanted to be, that I had the potential to be, that I had to be to get to my Ultimate Destination.

I started to realize it would take time and serious effort to figure out my specific purpose, my destination, what I really wanted and the person and leader I wanted to become, Who I wanted to be.

I began reading self-improvement books, taking Tony Robbins audio courses, talking to successful individuals to ask questions. I even joined a networking group. I hired a personal Success Coach and have met with him weekly for closing in on three years.

So how about you, where do you start?

In looking back, there is a four step exercise where everything really began for me. Before I share it with you so you can begin, it is vital, essential for you to realize, to understand, to know that the journey you are about to embark upon is a process. It takes work. When you change your perspective about the work, it changes everything.

When you know what you want, where you want to be and WHO you want to be, you can then determine the ACTIONS you need to take to get to become more so you can get there.

When you know the ACTIONS you are taking will get you closer to where you can be, the "work" becomes FUN. Personal growth occurs in the experience of the process. Without doing the work, you will never Become More. Becoming More does not just happen by itself.

So, reflect on your commitment. Now, Commit To Your Commitment! Write down how committed you are to following through on the process.

Commit and never look back... or down. Believe and have faith in yourself... Go for it!

Commit and never look back... or down. Believe and have faith in yourself... Go for it!

For those of you still reading, great, you are ready to begin. Understand that over time what you want may change, it is a process... because you are growing. Here's the first exercise...


Step 1: On a piece of paper, write down (by hand) a bullet list of everything YOU do NOT want in your life until you cannot think of another single thing.

Step 2: On a new piece of paper, for every item on your first list, write down the opposite... what is it that you DO want? Once you've written down the opposite for everything on the first list, now continue to think of things that you DO want and write them down.

Step 3: Go to one of your outside garbage cans and light the first list of what you do NOT want on fire... and drop it into the trash can (make sure there is nothing flammable in there, or preferably it is empty). This will get rid of the negative energy from this list... it is gone! (I realize this may sound weird to you, so humor me and do it anyway. It really does help to get rid of this draining energy... and you'll probably find yourself smiling).

Step 4: On a new piece of paper, for everything on list 2 that you DO want, write down WHO YOU HAVE TO BE to bring this specific thing into your life. (For example, one of the things I listed on my "What I Want In My Life" list, was to be the best possible parent I can be for my daughter. Then on the "WHO I HAVE TO BE" list, I included: "Aware, patient, calm, non-reactive, understanding, an amazing listener, unconditionally loving, compassionate, follow through on threatened consequences for misbehavior, and to consistently set the best possible example with my own behavior).


When you have completed this four step exercise, reflect on how it felt. Write these feelings down. Did you put your entire heart into the process? Were you completely open, honest and vulnerable with yourself? If not, you will not have gotten very much out of this initial exercise...

Now you are ready for the final two steps...

Step 5: While looking at the list from Step 4, "WHO I HAVE TO BE", on a new piece of paper for every description of WHO you have to be, imagine you are this person and write down what it feels like to be this person in detail. When you are done, write and ask yourself, "Do I feel more empowered?" and write down your response and why you feel this way.

Step 6: Now look at one item from your list in Step 5, and think of and write down one Priority ACTION you will start taking every day to become this person, the "WHO I HAVE TO BE".

And now it's up to you to actually follow through on taking this ACTION daily. This takes you right back to "How Committed Are You To Your Commitment?"

See you next time!

With Fiery Commitment, Inspiration and Gratitude,